Our Philosophy

Oakgrove was formed in 1998, by two brothers Noel and Eamon Flanagan. Our philosophy has always been to manufacture in a professional and approachable manner with a constant dialogue between the client and company.

Company Philosophy

Our aim is to be the leader in the industry in terms of quality and competitiveness through our design and streamlined manufacturing process. The company continually strives to keep their overheads low by investing in the latest technology such as solar panels for electricity, waste wood for heating, low energy lighting and machinery, which not only saves money but is environmentally friendly. Our product excellence to-date is driven by our highly skilled experienced workforce and customer lead approach.

Manufacturing Philosophy

Our manufacturing methodology ensures that all of our teams are experienced in all areas of production and are therefore accustomed to the various stages of the construction process; hence promoting continuous improvement whilst maximising quality control.

We believe that the entire manufacturing process must be lead with a customer focus. Each of our homes are built through a bespoke process, making us responsive to the consumer’s requirements. From the time we meet a customer right through to the delivery and siting of the home, we deal directly with you the customer to make the process as smooth as possible.

A member of our design team will carryout a site visit to enable us to prepare and design the bespoke plans based on the customers requirements and the visual advantages of each individual site. The next stage will then be with our interior design team who will go and meet our clients at a time and place that suits them so they can choose from our extensive range of interiors.

Once the designs have been agreed and our customers are happy the home passes on to the construction team where our highly skilled craftsmen can make your designs into reality using the finest quality materials. The home will then pass onto our quality control team who will approve for delivery. Finally we send our in-house siting team with your home to ensure it is sited and completed to highest possible standard for you to enjoy.

Why should you choose an Oakgrove home? ... have a read at our testimonial page and see how satisfied our previous customers are.


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