Designer Diary – Our Guide to Soft Furnishings

Written by Helen our Interior Designer 


When planning the finishes when you visit our Design Studio for your beautiful new lodge or residential park home, we always feel that the bedrooms are an area that should ooze comfort, ambience, style and luxury and our soft furnishings certainly exude elegance and sophistication.

Soft furnishings (as the name hints) gives a soft and romantic feel to a room.  An air of relaxation and calm which is essential to a restful nights sleep.  Teamed with a comfortable bed, you will wake up refreshed and ready for each day.

Cushions are a must in the bedroom.  They give a feeling of opulence and somewhere to snuggle and relax.   They give a feeling of additional comfort and will make a bedroom feel super cosy and inviting.  A wanting to retire and relax early to bed will emanate. 

Pile the cushions stylishly around your main pillows, choose cushions to match your curtains and blend with the colours of your room to give a thoughtful and elegant look.  Bedding and pillowcases in a crisp white finish beneath your cushions, will be subtle yet inviting and will not detract from the beauty of the scatters they surround. 

Soft and calming colours, in luxurious fabrics such as velvets and chenille’s will soften the white backdrop of your bedding and will give another level of interest when you walk into the room.

Bed runners also make for an interesting sway of colour on a white backdrop and will give a co-ordinated,  luxurious and thoughtful finish to your room by matching with your beautiful curtain choice. 

Picking out a colour from your curtains, bed runners and scatter cushions will help, if you have an adjoining en-suite.  Towels and en-suite accessories and even your window covering can follow the theme, tones, styles and finishes you have decided on in your bedroom.  Strong colours, subtle colours, or pale coloured towels can all be teamed with soft fluffy white towels, to follow the mood and ambience you have already designed for your bedroom.


When you visit our Design Office, we believe that your brand new luxury lodge or residential park home should reflect your personality and the grace and finish of this can be accentuated with the stylish and luxurious soft furnishings we offer. 

To help you through your journey and to complete your design experience, we can assist, advise and suggest suitable styles, suitable colours, all complimented with soft furnishings to bring out the very best of your luxury lodge or residential home.  We update our soft furnishing colours and choices twice a year and each month our suppliers update us with “what’s new”, to ensure that on the day you have plenty to choose from. 

Whatever you decide on, we are here to help and advise.