Designer Diary – The Kitchen, The Hub Of The Home

Written by Helen, our Interior Designer

High Gloss v Matt – The Debate

The choice is yours as we can supply and fit both in your beautiful new Oakgrove. 

High Gloss 

High gloss kitchens reflect light around the room.  Think about the plot.  Will your kitchen face the morning, afternoon or evening sunshine or will it be on the shadier side of your plot?  If the answer is the latter, it may be beneficial to opt for a gloss finish to your kitchen. 

Sleek, stylish and modern go had in hand with a gloss finish kitchen and will give the illusion of space and change the perspective of the kitchen.  Gloss kitchens, (although there is a misconception that they show finger marks) are super easy to clean and buff with a soft cloth to bring back a smooth, unmarked shiny surface. 

Matt Kitchens

In the past few years, the matt finish to a kitchen has become very on trend and ultra modern.  From cream cottage style finishes, pastel shades and block colours, the colour palette available as with the gloss finish, is huge. 

Many opt for a matt finish due to the dramatic colours they are available in.  With a matt door it isn’t reliant on sunlight as they offer a solid even colour from all angles. Stains, marks and fingerprints will not show through on a matt door as they are not affected by reflective light.

The range of matt finish doors that are now available makes a matt finish kitchen as modern as a high gloss kitchen and a dark matt kitchen door partnered with a light sleek granite worksurface will ooze that modern day look.

Profile or no Profile?

There are a range of profiles to choose.  From the more traditional square raised profile to a more traditional slatted country look, there are a variety of profiles to choose from.  Or you may want to opt for a flat door with no profile and make a feature of the handle. 

Handles or Handle-less? 

The more modern look these days is to opt for handle-less doors.  Either push open / close or as part of the profile these style openers can give a sleek finish to either gloss or matt doors.   When it comes to handle – less or as part of a profile the only downside is the difficulty in opening a door, with an integrated appliance behind. 

Looking at handles, there are a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes.  From mottled, turned, twist finish to Tbar, bridge and knobs the world is your oyster.  Every style, shape and size to compliment the kitchen finish of your choice.