Our Guide to DIY Christmas Decorations

As we all tighten our belts over the winter period with costs spiralling, fancy saving a little cash and creating a new scene this year by making your very own Christmas Decorations, and enjoy the fruits of your very own labour.  Why not!  You will be proud of the results. 

There are many that can be made – garlands, hanging stars, how about a door wreath with left over baubles from the tree with a simple metal coat hanger. Whatever you decide to make, the links below should help you into a festive and jolly DIY time with things you may already be able to find at home, or easy to buy from your local supermarket.  

Christmas Decs on a Budget. 

Simple dried hanging fruit from a tree, can add a real air of Christmas gone by, filling the room with aromas of Orange and Cinnamon mixed with the earthy tones of a real Christmas tree.  The air will be alive with every smell associated with a perfect Christmas day.  Follow our link to find out exactly how to produce your own garlands and be the envy of your visitors over the festive season. 

With the table being the centre piece of all your culinary delicacies, a perfectly adorned and decorated table of any shape or form will compliment the skills you have conjured up in your kitchen and show that you are the perfect host.  These table decorations can be made in advance and you could even decorate the table the night before leaving your more time on the big day to open all your presents.  Follow the link to find out just how easy table Christmas napkin rings are to make and also the napkin cards to go with these. 

Need something hanging above the fireplace, from the tree, or attached to the ceiling, then look no further than our link to paper star making and fill your rooms with coloured stars to match any interior design taste.

And one last thing to set the cosy scene to adorn any window sill or fire mantel, why not have a candle or two sat in your very own homemade candle holder. A perfect finish to any table or room.


Whatever you decide to do this Christmas time on a budget, we know that your time with family and friends will be amazing.  Have a great Christmas all and a very happy 2023.